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For your Page Title you must obviously include your Web Plain Name as shown below in all the appropriate places...if this one is in your name labeling it as such is required (Examples- father, and ):<|endoftext|>[JURIST] A state appeals court allowed [JURIST press release] a man convicted of stabbing his wife before bracing the knives on his waist and committing suicide to argue his conviction was based solely on his religious belief in female virginity. The New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the judgment of the state's Court of Appeals, which found that al-Taalaq Muhammad was convicted solely on the fact that he intended to kill his wife and that the resulting suicide did not constitute premeditated murder under the New Jersey crime. Muhammad was put on trial in June 2011 for killing his wife at their Wawa convenience store (JURIST), another crime that did not involve premeditated murder. On September 1, 2011, the Court of Appeals heard his appeal of that acquittal. On July 7, 2013, Mongan v. State of New Jersey was declared erroneous for "the Wrong Reasons" because "A woman's chastity, not depraved indifference to the rights of others, is within the province of judges and juries." The State argued those issues were raised too improperly. The prosecution objected, but the Justices allowed the issues to arise, and two of the judge's dissenting opinions were overruled. In its August 2013 ruling, the Court of Appeals upheld the conviction and remanded for further proceedings not in violation of rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, containing the same essential elements required to hold the defendant responsible for such things as premeditated murder or violating a court order. The appellate court also held that the AUSA's evidence regarding al-Taalaq's prior convictions and his conviction had been insufficient to establish premeditation to mean the same as to a conviction of murder. It said that the trial court would have had a "reasonable basis" to infer al-Taalaq's intent to kill his wife. The Trial Court convicted on appellant Sadiya Mohammed's best evidence test. Her 2013 appeal was dismissed. A motion to reconsider dismissed Al-Taalaq's motion to set aside Judge Bernmarian's order [JURIST report] after initially declining to order the hearing. Al-Taalaq then filed a motion [petition] challenging his conviction on all four counts. He contended the charges were premeditated as theétryals added to his original 1st degree murder conviction were "collaterally improper," that al-Taalaq was being treated unfairly (as was the present ruling in general), and that he was indeed entitled to a new trial [JURIST report]. Judge Bernmarian denied [JURIST report]. Al-Taalaq extended his request for a new trial [bear injunction] to December 1, 2016, and wrote: In this document, I have sought to show that the continued delay of me being released in a manner which facilitates the restoration of my constitutional rights to the integrity of my body and to resume my relationship with my family is in the best interests of my well-being, the interests of the State and its judiciary and its agencies and officers, and of the United States, and in the interest of Justice